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A service to ship your USA orders anywhere in the world. It takes three steps. Shipito gives you a virtual USA address. Book your orders from USA websites. Enter virtual address provided by shipito in delivery address fields. Now, USA website will deliver the goods to that virtual address. Next, your products will be collected by Shipito and they will deliver your order to your home address internationally. And moreover, they take care of everything in their very low delivery charges - like taxes, insurance etc. Joining is FREE. So. try shipito today.

Shipito Review
We have scoured the Internet for reviews of shipito. Rated 7.8 out of a probable 10 in different online reviews considering the kind of service they offer – this seems to be excellent. Just consider the hassles they have to face. Protecting your goods, physical transportation of goods to and from international airports, clearing customs and other security checks in different international airports, and finally, delivery to your home address. We have been working with shipito for the last five to six years, if not more, and we have found not a single customer has ever lodged any complaint against this company like – delay in delivery time, receipt of wrong or damaged parcel,or non-receipt of parcels. So, your parcel is safe and secured with shipito.
Save More
Shipito allows you to group your orders. So, keep shopping and delivery it to your Shipito provided USA address. Now, combine your parcels and get the stock delivered by shipito. This will surely save more.
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