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Read this article to learn about International Shipping. If you buy from U.S.A. and live outside U.S.A., you need to ship your orders to your hometown. So, here go my FAQs.

Why buy from U.S.A.?

The Websites in U.S.A. are great to buy anything online. Unfortunately most websites do not offer International shipping. So, if you are planning to buy from U.S.A., you need to know something about international shipping. The reasons to buy from U.S.A. include:

  1. Unbeatable Quality
  2. Non-availability in your local market
  3. Cheap price – particularly during Black Friday and Christmas

Now things you need to know about shopping & saving:
Well from my years of experience working with U.S.A. based online stores; I have seen they are great for enticing deals and coupons. While booking your order on those websites, always look for a coupon. You can find coupons for major retailers here. While shopping, you simply enter those coupons in the field usually marked as “promo code”, “promotional code”, “coupon code”, and in some websites as “certificate code”. You are likely to save extra 10% – 30% on your order. Things you need to know about international shipping There are few stores, which provide international shipping facilities. Unfortunately, most stores do not. And here comes the services like who have solved this problem.

How it works

Let us understand how such agencies works. You need to apply to a shipping agency prior to making any purchase. They will allot a P.O. Box in U.S.A. address. This address looks like: Your name 2972 Columbia St. # (box number) Torrance, CA 90503. Now while placing your order, use this P.O. Box address in delivery address field. The store will deliver your order to the said P.O. Box address. The shipping agency will receive your order in U.S.A. And they will notify you by email. They will inform you about the sender (Store) and tracking number so it will be easy for you to identify the package.

Custom Declaration

Now it is time for you to make a Custom Declaration in the shipping agency’s website. They will let you know shipping charges, duties payable and expected delivery time. Once done, they will deliver your package to your doorstep.

Things you need to know about Custom Duties

  1. Whether this item is in the list of prohibited items
  2. Whether this item is in the list of restricted items
  3. Whether this item is dutiable
  4. Custom duty fees for this item, if dutiable
  5. You can contact your local custom office or visit their website for updates in this regard. You can also contact the shipping agency to know details of custom duties.

Who will pay customs duty

In most cases, your courier will take care of customs matter and they are likely to pay custom duties for you ad-hoc. But in case the duties are heavy, they are likely to contact you to make payment.

Happy shopping!

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