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What information we need about your store

Email us at with the details of your online store / eCommerce website. Indicate the following particulars – year of establishment, brief description, store name, url, physical business address, owner, contact number, email, for contacting store owner, product lines, details of 4 popular products (title, regular price, offer price, description, shipping and payment methods) and last but not the least what special discount you will allow for our visitors.

We will examine your application and should it qualify for indexing we will inform you after adding the store and the offers from your store in our index. Once added, you can float offers from your own store in our deal section for our visitors.

Will my brick & mortar store qualify for indexing?

Yes. In that case also, you have to give a link to help us find you online. It may be your facebook, twitter or linkedin profile page, or, facebook page of your brick & mortar store. However, you have to mention the physical address and contact information in respect of the store against each deal so that our visitors can connect you, should they make any purchase decision.

Points to Remember

Please keep in mind before indexing your store in our deal section, we examine the following parameters:

  1. Reputation of your store
  2. Product catalog
  3. Product quality
  4. Price
  5. Customer feedback

While you are most welcome to recommend your store for inclusion, indexing is not guaranteed.

Payment & Delivery Methods

Our sole purpose and scope is limited to directing our visitors to your online store, or, help them to contact you for purchasing products from your brick & mortar store. We do not collect payments or deliver goods to end users. It is your duty and responsibility to give honour to our valued visitors so that they can have a delightful shopping experience.

How much does it cost?

We do not charge any money for indexing any store in our deal section. However, in exchange of that we expect you to offer exclusive discount (Flat Rate Discount, Coupon Code, or Free Shipping Offers) for our visitors.

Happy deal hunting,

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