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is a platform to connect deal devotees from and around the globe. Headed by Nilz,  a dedicated deal hunter, a team of experts are spending tireless hours each day to dig up the best deals on the globe at dealvega. At an early age of his eCareer Nilz started to work in this niche so as to explore online working possibilities. Since then, he has crafted different dedicated projects for hunting deals particularly for USA market.

Later on, he joined his hands with a company, Numerico Informatic Systems Pvt. Ltd, and now, this coupling seems to become unputdownable. While Numerico, an India based IT company, is extending technical and infrastructural assistance, Nilz, is guiding the Team Numerico with his one and a half decades of expertise in this domain.

For Nilz and his team working is more of a fun than a duty. They carry highest level of commitments for delighting the clients of dealvega.

Besides scripting and scouring deals, Nilz has a wonderful and one of the most lovable family backgrounds. He loves to spend his spare time volunteering for an NGO, Santoshpur Prof. Satyendranath Bose Science Circle, for protection of environment and fighting against superstitions. In addition to that music occupies a fair amount of his daily schedule.

Last but not the least, a mega project like dealvega, could not have seen daylight without Mr. Prasenjit Mukherjee, Co-founder, Numerico Informatic Systems Pvt. Ltd. A person dedicated his life for IT industry, has come forward to render 360 degree assistance during the development, strategic planning, and deployment of this project. An avid learner of myriads of open source technologies, his key contribution in this domain involves ‘Development of Big Number Algorithm’. It is under his sustained training and motivation that Team Numerico, a group of extremely talented developers, has emerged as one of the leading IT Companies of this era. Besides Numerico, Prasenjit also topped India in Aircraft Flying in 2002 winning a Natioanl Award. Moreover, he leads his NGO, Santoshpur Prof. Satyendranath Bose Science Circle, from the front to involve local residents and dignitaries with his project for societal upliftment. He is also a committed trekker, who has already paved through extremely challenging terrains of the Himanchal and Greater Himalayas.

So, to put it all together, Nilz is again here with you presenting dealvega – a comprehenssive daily deals digest!

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